Child brides and plural wives

FLDS leader Warren Jeffs says if there’s grass on the holy fields, why not pray, ball?

Though members of the Mormon Church, founded by John Smith, Jr., are generally regarded to be earnest, law-abiding, reverent people, its Fundamentalist brethren are better classified as an unrecognized chapter in God’s great fraternity of Latter Day Saints.

Holding first-man Adam is its supreme deity, the FLDS is a new breed of boys club. Even the church’s pet project – plural marriage – can be explained by its tireless dedication to male bonding. Like many a closeted fratboy, FLDS members get with as many women as they can. It’s not because they love women – it’s more that women are no more than baby-making property, and since the Mormon law of consecration dictates that all their land must be given over to the church, women are the only things they can truly own.

This misogyny was made abundantly clear in the recent raid of the church’s Yearning for Zion (YFZ) Ranch. After one of its young flock called the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services alleging physical and sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl (who claimed to have been married at age 15 to a 49-year-old man), 416 children were removed from the ranch and put into protective custody. Seeing this as a ticket out, 113 of the FLDS women went along with them. Sadly, now that these damaged and exploited cultists have experienced a bit of life outside the compound, they might as well be relocated to the local Chicken Ranch – they’ll probably end up there eventually.

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