The pinnacle of Me-Ology

Scientology is a fascinating study in just how far a wild imagination, unchecked ego and unlimited bank account can take you on this earth (and apparently beyond).

What began as a marketing gimmick to help the book sales of then-struggling sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard, ended up creating a religion with the highest per capita membership cost in history.

As difficult to infiltrate as a Skull-and-Bones orgy -- and just as useless to people with a brain – Scientology seems to focus on the spirit as an immortal being, and that humans can free themselves of trauma, transgression and general fuckups through intense self-realization. Followers assert that to practice Scientology is to embrace knowing in the fullest sense of the word. So why won’t anyone to give details of its worldly solutions unless you buy its books or shell out multi-million dollar membership fees to hang out at its country clubs? Yes, Scientologists even beat the Catholics in the pay-for-pray market.

What we do know is that its practices are structured in sequential levels, where each phase completed is rewarded with more personal freedoms in a particular area of life, with the ultimate goal of reaching an Operating Thetan, or clear, state. While someone with the wealth and power of Tom Cruise can achieve this state of being “clear”, someone who operates, say, on a teacher’s salary can abandon hope of being any less than 40% opaque.

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