Raelians: Art is (Extraterrestrial) Life

Like the works of contemporary masters of science fiction L. Ron Hubbard and Douglas Adams, Raelism is a fascinating theoretical explanation of life, the universe and everything that no one possibly takes seriously.

Termed “scientific creationism” or “intelligent design”, the Raelian movement takes big-name concepts of mind, body and spirit, adds a dash of UFO conspiracy theory and combines them into a controversial stew of theology, human history, scientific discovery and little green men.

According to its official website, Rael.org, advanced molecular artists from another planet created all life on earth using DNA. As if designing, storyboarding and building our world wasn’t enough, these “elohim” (those who came from the sky) vacationed on earth through the ages, speaking to the world’s geniuses (Buddah, Moses and Mohammed were on the list; notably, Tom Cruise didn’t make the cut). These gifted prophets were given a message to deliver: That the earth would soon reach the age of science, where we will either destroy ourselves or decide to create a world of peace, love and understanding.

So what’s so funny about all this? Well, the latest messenger in Elohim’s spiritual quest is a former singer/songwriter, racecar driver and French journalist named Rael. This alone has led many to doubt the intelligence of this design theory -- would an advanced race of human scientists really cherrypick their latest messenger from a nation that has lost or abandoned virtually every important human battle it participated in?

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