LaVey Satanists

Anton LaVey: The One True Satanist

Establishing the first and largest Satanic religion, Anton LaVey inspired a nation of Goths and nonconformists to revel in misunderstood ritual, hang out in cemeteries at night, listen to The Cure and Bauhaus and wear black clothes and white pancake makeup.

Preaching individualism and self indulgence over everything else, LaVey’s left-handed path to his religion truly bit the hand that feeds – and then sucked out its blood -- by renouncing all Satanists before him and going against guilt and sin-based theologies of Satan. Ironically, LaVey instructed his followers forge their own paths to the Antichrist, yet his modern-day followers all seem to take the same path (see the aforementioned black clothes and white makeup).

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