Can Jew Hear Me Now?

Even those who strictly follow the laws of their ancient ancestors can appreciate the value of modern convenience.

Sensing that the Orthodox Jew is an untapped market for specialty mobile phone services, a “kosher” cellular has emerged on the streets of Jerusalem. What better way for your dear Jewish mother to reach you anytime, anywhere, to nag you for never calling her?

The stripped-down phone can’t send or receive text messages, take pictures or connect to the internet, and it blocks over 10,000 phone sex numbers – whether you want them to or not. But what it lacks in style, substance and usefulness, it makes up for it by giving its target market something they can’t resist -- a great deal : discounted rates of 2 cents a minute for calls within its network. It also reinforces observance of the Sabbath by gouging customers with its $2.44 per minute “Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday” calling plan.

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