Unicorns de los Apocalypse

Self-styled deity and Latino cultist, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, believes he is both Jesus and the Antichrist -- a concept that he defines as “no longer following Jesus of Nazareth as he lived in the days of the flesh”. Perhaps he needs a better Spanish-to-English dictionary.

In Miami, de Jesus founded Creciendo en Gracia, a movement that reaches dozens of Central and South American nations and aims to create God’s government on earth. Yet, his main assertions make both God and government pretty much irrelevant, as he denies that prayer, the devil, hell, sin or moral or ethical guidelines have any basis in reality.

So what is reality for de Jesus? Well, tattoos, for starters: all his followers are asked to get 666 tattooed on their bodies. Maybe he also needs to see The Omen again to remember that the true Antichrist is born with the mark of the beast – he doesn’t have to have it poked into his flesh by the chick from Miami Ink.

de Jesus stayed under the radar until he started speaking out against the Catholic Church, referring to it as evil. Though most people who aren’t Catholic might tend to agree with him on those two points, few would go along with his belief that rainbows and unicorns will meet his followers at the gates of paradise after the mass suicide he plans to carry out. They also might have a hard time agreeing with him that Miami is a bridge to anything important – other than bikinis, plastic surgery and skin cancer.

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