Amish Country: Land of Vice

Enlightenment, without the electric light

While most sects of Christianity have been accused of being somewhat behind the times, The Amish order revels in its reputation for anachronism.

Believing that a community can’t remain on the path to righteousness if it is forced to live among those who forsake it for modern convenience, Amish choose to live lives of separatism, toil, worship and neo-retro-chic garb.

Though they choose to party like it’s 1899, today’s Amish still has a lot to offer to Generation Y-eth and beyond. In fact, they are even starting to recruit new faithful by hand-writing and delivering, “A Young People’s Guide to Being Amish.”

Take a look at a sampling of chapters from the latest pressing:

  • Baptism: wait until you’re older, son.
  • Guide to proper shunning etiquette
  • Rumspringa: The most fun you can have until… you come back to our church and never have fun again.

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